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Client Testimonials

“Point Blank Enterprises is partnered with Buffalo Armory to produce the Star555 steel hard body armor in response to active shooter situations. Buffalo Armory produces a high quality steel armor with full traceability that repeatedly exceeds NIJ Level III ballistic standards as a level III+ plate. We value our relationship and together look forward to providing first responders with the protection they deserve against rifle threats.”
Lex Watson, Vice President Hard Armor Business Unit, Point Blank Enterprises
"ATC Materials approached Buffalo Armory regarding a key component in one of ATC's armor products. Other competitive companies were not able to provide suitable and timely solutions. Buffalo Armory responded quickly and developed multiple options to resolve the issue. Buffalo Armory's product was high quality and delivered ahead of schedule, enabling ATC to meet its delivery commitments. We greatly appreciate Buffalo Armory's responsiveness, ingenuity, and integrity".
Brian Barry, ATC Materials
"Northern Supply is excited about testing a new brand of snow plow blade cover plate made with Buffalo Armory's unique process. Their high strength steel is the basis for our "Bulletproof" blade which we are gearing up to market throughout the region. We appreciate Buffalo Armory's values based business and their willingness to work with us to develop the best solutions possible".
Kelly Condello and Matt Aquino, Northern Supply Inc

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