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Industrial Applications

With the success of Star Armor®, we launched a new brand registered as Star Steel® to address wear plate requirements for commercial and industrial customers.

Our first wearability test at an independent national lab included a rotary abrasion test, ASTM-G195. Results indicated 36 percent more wearability compared to a well-known Abrasive Resistant competitor. The result is a high strength steel which will prolong the useful life of machinery and reduce lifecycle costs - perfect for ware plates in agriculture, mining, and earth moving industries.

We applied our 3/8 inch thick Star Steel® in the snow plow business. Our high strength steel, trademarked the "Bullet Blade", provides cover blades for the snow plow contract truck business. We are testing samples in New York State this winter and look forward to growing this business with a partner in the northeast USA in the coming months.

Other customers also include OEMs and fabricators in the commercial up-armoring business. Our Star Armor® 550 and Star Armor® 555 provide NIJ Level III and III+ solutions that are formable to a 4T and readily weldable to reduce fabrication costs. We also experimented with steel chemistries to produce a dual certified DoD MIL DTL 46100 High Hard and NIJ Level III armor to meet customer requirements. This dual certified armor has improved ductility for better formability in both the longitudinal and transverse directions. Fabricators can complete up-armoring jobs with less seams and welding requirements.

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