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Disruptive Technology

Buffalo Armory works closely with our alliance partners and their expert teams to develop advanced formulations and manufacturing capabilities for innovative products and solutions. We've become a pioneer and an industry leader, providing constantly evolving, first-to-market innovation with the safest and most effective armor and high-strength steel solutions that are proudly made in the USA.

The company manufactures world-class armor that protects first responders and troops in harm's way from armor piercing and fragmentary IED. Our high strength steel products are revolutionizing both commercial and industrial segments by providing dramatically improved life-spans and reduced lifecycle costs.

Buffalo Armory's products are the result of disruptive, break-through technology that rapidly heats mild, low alloy steel to inordinately high temperatures (above austenization temperature) with multiple induction coils and water quenching -- all in one, continuous, nonstop motion. The unique and patented aspects of the process involve precise control of temperatures to achieve a unique microstructure with high strength and ductility.

Our disruptive technology applies existing induction heating and water quenching technology in a new process to achieve a uniform martensitic microstructure with unique qualities. Advantages include:

  • providing a 'crossover' armor to simultaneously protect against AP and frag (IED) threats
  • lower weight while maintaining current force protection levels
  • increased force protection while maintaining the same weight,
  • with less weight, reduced strain on drive train/suspension systems and reduced fuel consumption,
  • improved properties of wearability,
  • a repeatable process with plate thickness tolerances of +/- .004, and
  • lower cost.

In addition to protected trade secrets (formula and process), Buffalo Armory products are trademarked and patent pending, as follow:

  • Star Armor® registered trademark serial number 85551161.
  • Star Steel® registered trademark serial number 86145623.
  • Provisional patent US 61/661,540 dated 19 June 2012.
  • Utility patent US 13/838,693 dated 15 March 2013.
  • International patent PCT/US2013/046506 dated 3 July 2013.
  • Utility patent US 13/949,645 dated 24 July 2013 with Notice of Allowance issued 30 September 2014.

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