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At the turn of the century, the Buffalo NY area started its journey as a steel capital when the Lackawanna Iron and Steel Company decided to move its facilities to West Seneca in 1899. Three years later, the company was reorganized into the Lackawanna Steel Company and was the largest independent steel company in the world at the time. On May 11, 1922, Lackawanna Steel announced it had agreed to be purchased by Bethlehem Steel in a merger which would create a billion-dollar company. Lackawanna continued to be a center for the manufacture of steel throughout most of the 20th century. In the 1940s, the Lackawanna steel mill employed over 20,000 people, and was the world's largest steel factory.

But by 1982, Bethlehem Steel announced the closing of nearly all production at the Lackawanna Steel plant in New York. Bethlehem Steel, like many American steel companies, was encountering significant financial problems. Many other Buffalo based steel companies were dealt a similar fate as US steel manufacture faced intense international competition

That's why Buffalo Armory LLC takes great pride in its Buffalo NY location as the company transforms mild, low-alloy steel plates into armor and high strength steel. Buffalo Armory represents more than just a rebirth of steel in Buffalo, NY. With protected technology innovation, registered trademarks and patents, Buffalo Armory is consistently making quality products that are rigorously tested before distribution. Our products conform to US and international standards,and they are designed and manufactured in the United States by American owned companies.

In 2011, Buffalo Armory LLC was launched to produce a new armor to provide better protection for our troops in harm’s way. The simplicity of that statement does not capture the enormous amount of energy that went into designing, engineering and producing the best steel armor solution on the market.
What began as a “potential project” turned into focused determination to succeed in commercializing and taking to market new products. Over time, the process was refined to produce a world-class high strength steel for commercial industries, that would represent breakthrough solutions for industries such as automotive, agriculture, mining, earth moving and snow removal.

The outcome of the initial vision is a better armor, Star Armor®, and high strength steel, Star Steel®.

  • The patented process includes a new and innovative application of induction heating and water quenching. The result is a unique microstructure with high strength and ductility.
  • Star Armor® has the strength and ductility not seen in conventional metal armors.
  • Testing shows Star Armor is able to defeat both ballistic and fragmentary threats - an unusual combination, as other armor solutions are designed to protect against only one or the other.
  • Star Armor® is formable and bendable - without cracks or breaks, while retaining its protective qualities.
  • Welding tests show that Star Armor® and Star Steel® weld readily at room temperature and with less heat affected zone.
  • Laboratory and field testing of Star Steel® shows it outperforms competitor metals by 36% for wearability and abrasion resistance.

Buffalo Armory supplies full-sized plate, and through relationships with partners, can provide component manufacturing and kitting of armor and steel parts to streamline customer assembly operations and reduce costs.  Partnered with companies in our region, we are prepared to provide “one stop” solutions.
Buffalo Armory’s team is proud to produce these new metals solutions, designed and manufactured in the USA,  which better protect our first responders and set American manufacturers up to be more competitive.

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