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Buffalo Armory is now in production of seven different grades of armor, to include DoD Rolled Homogeneous Armor, High Hard, and Ultra High Hard.  Our unique heat and quench process makes this all possible by varying the chemistry of the input steel and dialing in the thermal properties of our recipes.

Our first success was in February 2013 with First Article Testing of our MIL DTL 46100 High Hard armor, branded Star Armor® 500. Since then we've developed five additional grades of armor, which defeat ballistic standards NIJ Level 3 and 4, NATO STANAG 1A, 1B, and 1C. Research and development continues to further refine our process and offerings.

Advantages of Star Armor® include:

  • Unique combination of strength and ductility simultaneously protects against armor piercing and fragmentary threats.
  • Solutions provide more protection at the same weight or same protection at less weight – opportunity to reduce vehicle weight.
  • Formability for one piece construction and less weld seams.
  • Easily weldable at room temperature with reduced heat affected zone.
  • Significant fabrication cost advantages.
  • Less fuel consumption and wear on suspension systems and drive trains.
  • Process is repeatable with thickness tolerance of +/- .006 inches.
  • Available in smaller order quantities to reduce customer inventory costs.

Buffalo Armory is ISO compliant with rigid quality standards, and ITAR registered to comply with all export requirements.

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