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Star Steel® (American-Made High Strength Steel)

  • Star Steel® is a new advanced high strength steel engineered and produced in the USA by American owned companies.
  • Impressive wearability and toughness properties
    -- up to 36 percent better than existing abrasive resistant steels.
  • Formable and bends to a 4T.
  • Readily weldable at room temperature for seamless, one piece assembly.
  • Easily processed with laser, water jet, or carbide tipped tooling.
  • The Star Steel® process is consistent, repeatable, and accurate.
  • Material is readily available.
  • Applications include wear plates for agriculture, mining, earth moving and snow plow equipment.
Mechanical Properties
  • Density = 0.285 lbs/in3
  • BHN: 555
  • Tensile Strength = 270 - 275 KSI
  • A50 Elongation up to 9%
    Standard machine practices for cutting and milling..

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