Vehicle Armor

Definitive stopping power from high velocity weapons


Same weight class as your NIJ IV ceramic armor

NIJ certified

Rifle multi-hit defense capability

Plate Carriers

The compatibility you need for any plate carrier

Spall Sleeve

We’re constantly thinking of every possibility when it comes to your safety.

Custom Armor

Beyond modular defense units, cockpit armor & in-transit armament protection


White star

Without hesitation, brave men and women continue to answer the call to protect and serve.
But who can they count on to protect and serve them in return?

Buffalo Armory.

With independently tested and certified armor that stands up to daily abuse and most importantly, active shooter events. Because first responders don’t have time to worry about what’s protecting them from what may happen next.

That’s our job. 

We dedicate ourselves to making more than just armor; we’re also a passionate advocate for what will serve safety professionals best in the field.  All of our products are made in the U.S.A. and are sold exclusively to first responder agencies and organizations. Through our own independent testing, our warranty will always stand between them and an emergency. Because having the right kind of armor, means the difference between uncertainty and being prepared.

Have the right armor. Have the right partner. Have no doubt.

Star 647 Armor
647 Armor + Carrier Combo
647 Armor + Side Plate Carrier Combo

Vehicle Armor

We’ve taken the same tried and tested body armor we provide for personal protection and put it in the vehicles that also keep safety professionals secure. By fitting the armor in three specific areas in a variety of vehicles, we add an extra layer of steel to the job, without the weight of worry.

  • Options include NIJ and DOD compliant armors.
  • Solutions tailored to meet customer ballistic requirements.
  • Reduce weight and increase ballistic protection.
  • Reduce gas consumption and wear and tear on suspensions and drive trains.
  • Readily weldable and formable to a 4T, reducing fabrication costs.
  • We support police vehicles from, Chevy, Ford & Chrysler in supplying Level III & Level III+ protection in the vehicle doors.

Custom Armor

Our powerful armor applications extend all the way to military cockpits, fully armored transport, and even stationary modular protection. But the most important thing we do is listen directly to our clients in order to customize solutions to meet their needs and defeat ballistic threats, keeping them ready for anything.


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